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Selling your gold jewelry at a cash for gold site is worthwhile to many people. Lots of women and men have useless pieces of jewelry that no one wants lying around the house, and there are no other places that will give you pure cash simply for taking them in. But you need to make sure it’s something you truly want to do, and only use the service when you feel that it’s of the most value to you. You’re unlikely to receive thousands of dollars for your jewelry, so if you have other options you should keep them until you’re certain this choice is right for you.


Cash for gold services are designed to help you get money when you need it, and should be used by those that are actually going to find the service valuable to them.

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I wanted to tell people about how my wife and I got cash for gold jewelry using My wife had a whole drawer full of old jewelry. There was an oversized gold necklace that looked like it was right out of 1960… in fact, it probably was. There was a hideous pair of white gold earrings my mom had given her that she probably picked up at a garage sale. For my college graduation my aunt got me a gold bracelet, yes, a male gold bracelet. There were probably a dozen or more pieces of jewelry that were doing nothing but taking up space! My wife and I made the decision that it had to go, and we decided that we would like to get cash for gold jewelry.


We had a friend who told us about and how easy it was to get cash for gold jewelry. I visited their website where I was able to learn all about their company. I completed their short form and within a few days I got a prepaid FedEx envelope in the mail. I mailed the package back with all of our old gold jewelry and we received a direct deposit 2 days later. I was happy about having more drawer space, but was ecstatic about getting the cash for gold jewelry.