4 Convient Ways to Serve You

FedEx Your Gold & Silver Stash Pak


When you're ready to sell gold or silver, we invite you you to try Gold Stash. Sending us your items is very safe, secure and insured. We have thousands of packages coming to us, and with our relationship with FedEx, your package will arrive in a timely fashion. We process your items in our Processing Lab, and you are paid that same day with a No fee Direct Deposit transaction. Or, we can mail you a check. Should you choose this method, you have 14 days to decline the offer. This is a safe and guaranteed way to sell your items.


Our Locations


When you visit one of our locations around the country, we explain the entire process in front of you, so you know you're getting the best value for your items.


Stop in and allow one of our professional buying representative serve you and explain how selling gold jewelry for cash is easy, fast, and the best way to get paid cash for gold! They will answer all your questions, and pay you on the spot. Not happy with the offer, we promise that our 110% price match guarantee will put a smile on your face.


Gold Stash Gold Parties


Host a gold party and you and your friends will receive cash for gold! At Gold Stash, we work with you to ensure you have a great and successful party. We are the best in the business with Gold Parties and we have been doing them for years. You can make a lot of money, just by having a party! Where else can you get paid to party?


We will provide the team services of an event coordinator as well as a fully trained precious metals buyers. The event coordinator will be your main point of contact and will help you organize and execute your gold party. Our team approach to servicing your event is to provide outstanding customer service from beginning to end.


Gold Stash Gold Buying Kit


Our newest product line, the Gold Stash Gold Buying Kit puts the power to purchase precious metals in your hands. This is a great opportunity to grow and make a lot of money buying your friends gold, silver, platinum, coins, and diamonds, all using someone else's money. It doesn't get better or easier than that! Each item you buy, you get paid 20%! Nobody can beat that, so if you want to learn more, click here.