What people are saying

Sonjia Shaw
"Oh my gosh!! wish I knew about your company before I went to the mall - however I sent sent my stuff in and got so much for so little I sent you- as Dave Ramsey said sell sell sell- we have sold some much stuff ever since my husband lost his job its amazing how God is providing- glad I found you guys!!! thanks again."

Rita J. Michael
Thank you for sponsoring Dave Ramsey Live in Colorado Springs. I would never have thought to send my jewelry to any of these gold buying services if it weren't for Dave.

Shelba Rudek
I just received my check in the mail and am so grateful. I am so amazed how fast the service was! There were several things I sent that I wasn't sure about, but I sent them any way. I will definitely recommend this service to anyone who will listen to me. Thanks again, working through baby step #2!

Jennifer Terry
"I saw Dave and you in OKC. My husband and I used the packet included in our day's materials to send you some of our broken jewelry. The money we made from you is adding to our snowball this month! Thanks!"

Melissa, Atlanta GA
The party last night was a success! We had a pretty decent turnout and I think the total purchased for the night was a little over $1700! I had a great time, Megan and Erica were just awesome. We just started the Dave Ramsey FPU class 2 weeks ago at our church, and this will almost complete our $1,000 emergency fund! Thanks again for all of your help, and I definitely plan on trying to get another party together as soon as possible!

Steph, Orlando FL
When I lost my job I had to do something quick. I had barely enough money to get by for a couple of days. I decided to sell some old jewelry I had lying around the house. Gold Stash bought all my old jewelry and gave me a good amount of money. I was able to get by for a few months before finding a job. Thanks Gold Stash.

Brian, New Braunfels TX
I have always looked for a quick way to make some extra money from time to time and most of what I have found never seems to work or is just a way for other people to take my money. Now that times are tough again for most of us, I wanted to let people know about Gold Stash and how it has helped my wife and me get that extra money that helps out. Basically I took all of my old jewelry that I really can't wear any more and sent it in for money, instead of trying to sell it on eBay or at a yard sale. It was fast and easy, best of all it pays. Try it out.

Beverly, Dallas TX
I recently hosted a gold party with Gold Stash. What a great night! Not only did I make $400 for hosting the party, but I was paid an additional $100 for referring 2 friends that had their own gold parties! Their event coordinator and buyer were professional and very easy to work with. Gold Stash made my party fun, easy and profitable!

Louise, Kansas City MO
I had some old gold herringbone and rope style bracelets from the 1980s... they were outdated and frankly, quite heinous really. So I asked Gold Stash for an approximate estimate and they sent me the return envelope, I plunked in the gold, mailed the envelope and within a week I was in the money! Next, I'm going to send in my gold veneers and all of my wedding rings! Thank you GOLD STASH.

Laura, St George UT
I had collected a lot of gold and silver items throughout the years. When I needed to have it all appraised and sold, Gold Stash was everything I was looking for. They were very skilled and knowledgeable and I got the deal I needed. Thanks Gold Stash!

Andy, Altamonte Springs FL
On a recent vacation I was walking the beach with my metal detector looking for jewels. After a while I had a pretty good amount of gold rings, necklaces, and the alike. I decided to give Gold Stash a try and to my delight I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of money I got back. Thank you Gold Stash!

John and Linda, Paradise Valley AZ
I was pleasantly surprised by what we were paid for our items.

Kimberly, Glendale AZ
Service was very good! Everyone was very friendly and I would use the service again as well as recommend Gold Stashto others. Thanks!

Scott, Sun City AZ
We were treated very well and were explained how the testing would be conducted. We were very happy with Gold Stash for Cash and would recommend them to anyone.

Bernard, Mesa AZ
This is a very pleasant and educational experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Gold Stash for Cash to my friends.

Chris, Mesa AZ
Fast Service, great pay and very convenient buyer! A+ Thanks Gold Stash I'll come back again!

Lynn, Greenville NC
I just wanted to say I was shocked at the amount of the check I received in the mail this week. I only sent in 2 items, a 14k gold necklace with kinks in it and 10k gold ring that was broken in the middle. I was expecting to get maybe $20 at the most. You sent me a check for almost $50 bucks! Just wanted to say thanks and I'll be recommending you to all my friends.